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SCCTA Foundation

Foundation Mission Statement

The South Carolina Cable Television Foundation enhances and creates educational opportunities in communications and communications technology.


In 1997, The SCCTA formed the South Carolina Cable Television Foundation. (SCCTF) reaffirming a commitment to education dating back to 1987 when cable systems wired schools in communities across the state. These free cable connections link students with the industries Cable In The Classroom initiative, offering 540 hours per month of commercial-free educational cable programming. Today, with the onset of the digital age, SCCTF continues its focus on education and training in communications for South Carolinas students and supporting them as they prepare to take on the rapid-paced world of telecommunications. By enhancing and creating educational opportunities in communications and communications technology in South Carolina, SCCTF promotes activities that bridge the educational digital divide, making certain that students have access to educational opportunities and tools for success in the digital age.

The South Carolina Cable Television Foundation activities have included:

*Awarding scholarships: Since its 1997, the Foundation has committed over $500,000 in scholarship funds to South Carolinas colleges and universities, benefiting students from the state who might not otherwise have the opportunity to advance their career goals in the communications field

*Providing funding for educational initiatives in communications technology at colleges, universities, technical schools and high schools. The South Carolina Cable Television Foundation accepts applications for grants from educational institutions throughout the state making the promise of the digital age available to all students and communities in South Carolina.

*Sponsoring seminars and forums that bring together leaders in education and technology to advance the use of technology in education.

Across South Carolina, a world of possibility is soaring over cables broadband lines and, more importantly, developing in the minds of the students in South Carolinas classrooms. The South Carolina Cable Television Foundation stands committed to our states greatest resource: its children and their education.